About Oak Knoll Memorial Park

Founded in 1938 by Russell R. and Geraldine B. Meldorf

Oak Knoll Memorial Park FoundersThe Meldorf family considered Oak Knoll Memorial Park their "Labor of Love" Situated around beautiful surroundings, Oak Knoll Memorial Park is located at 18268 Pennington Road three miles north of Sterling. It is regarded as a dedication within itself to the beautification of the community. Oak Knoll is the area's newest cemetery built in 1938 and quite different from others. Instead of traditional headstones, bronze memorials are used that are flushed wit the grounds. This modern memorial park is one of permanent beauty that will endure throughout the ages. We set aside funds from the sale of every lot and marker to ensure the continued beauty of Oak Knoll Memorial Park. There are various religious features throughout the grounds that are made out of stone.


There are stone pictures of "Stilling the Storm", "Healing The Sick", "Feeding The Five Thousand" and "The Good Shepherd". There is a sculpture made out of white carrare marble from Italy with "Jesus Kneeling In The Garden Of Gethsemane". We have two Bibles in the park, the larger Bible is made out of granite and has "The Lords Prayer" cast into it. The smaller Bible is made out of bronze. We also have four wood carvings from our very own oak trees.


We have praying hands, a cross, an angel and Jesus.       Oak Knoll Praying Hands

On each side of the highway we have a flag pole in honor of our veterans. The flag pole on the west side of the highway has a bronze plaque at the base with "America The Beautiful" lyrics cast into it.Oak Knoll Entrance Flags At our duck pond we have a bronze fountain of the "Goose Boy". Plus we several granite benches throughout the park. Buried at Oak Knoll Memorial Park are many Veterans, including Civil War Veterans and Spanish American War Veterans.

In accordance with new laws we are making our
Cemetery "Rules and Policies" available for download here>>>