Grave Decorations Policies

Oak Knoll is here to serve you, the lot owner.
We have your welfare at heart in everything we do.
We do not want to deprive you of any right or privilege.
But a few rules are necessary so that...
The Best Service Can Be Rendered To All.

Only flowers are allowed in the permanent vases.

Flowers can be placed on your loved one's grave between March 15th and October 15th.

Do not put live plants in the vase.
Do not attach anything to the vase.
Never put stones, gravel or sand in the vase.

We highly recommend a block of Styrofoam for your flowers.
You can purchase Styrofoam at any florist or local store,
or through us here at the office.


Easter Lilies and other potted plants may be used before the mowing season begins.

Memorial Day

You can decorate with extra bouquets for Memorial Day.
You can place them on the graves the week of Mother's Day.
However they will be removed by June 6th.


All bouquets must be placed in a permanent installed vase.
No planting is allowed on the graves.
Pots, boxes, wreaths, etc. should not be used during the mowing season.


All vases must be turned down by October 15th.
Since leaf raking is done with large equipment, all of the vases must be turned down.
Pumpkins are allowed between October and will be removed in the middle of November.
If there is an anniversary date you wish to remember between October 15th and Spring,
you can use a paper mache vase or a vase that has a long spike in the bottom of it.


To protect the vases from winter damage due to freezing they must remain down during the winter.
Beginning the week of Thanksgiving you may use evergreen blankets, wreaths or winter
arrangements that can be placed in a paper mache vase or a vase wit ha long spike in it.
The winter items will stay on the grave until March 15th.

We place Valentine items on the grave the first week of February.
However they are removed on March 15th.

Please Note

Since paint and dyes discolor the markers, wreaths should not be places directly on the marker.

This also applies to balloons.
They may have paint and dyes on them that will discolor the markers.

Fresh Cut Flowers

We allow fresh cut flowers anytime during the year.
Realistically they will only last for about a week to 10 days.

Removal of Grave Decorations

At the time we remove any decorations off of a grace we dispose of them immediately.

Our Final Thoughts

Throughout the country cemeteries have similar rules about grace decorations.
No cemetery is trying to hurt the lot owner but each is faced with the greatly increased
costs and detailed work to maintain its grounds in the beauty that is desired.

We want to thank you for your cooperation.
We hope that we may have your continued support.

Please feel free to stop at the office at any time with your questions and suggestions.